An Empty Home Is A Vulnerable Home

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. When left unattended anything can happen. Burst water pipes, water heaters leaking, furnaces and air-conditioning can break down. Let TLC HomeWatch, LLC. take the worry out of owning a home miles from wherever you are. Whether it’s a rental property, business trip, vacation, or an extended stay away from your home— we are the eyes and ears observing your house providing weekly, biweekly or monthly monitoring. TLC HomeWatch, LLC. will perform exterior inspections, interior inspections, as well as concierge services (If you have a specific need just ask). We will work with you to develop a list of items to be performed.
If you so desire we will email you a report after each visit. If we should find any surprises we will include pictures and contact you if necessary to determine a course of action to remedy the situation. If something should happen when you are out of town, insurance companies may state that your unoccupied home was not being adequately monitored, and your claim could be disputed.

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Home Watch is a visual check of an unoccupied property looking for obvious issues.

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