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Michael Caplin, Owner

I have spent the last 40 years in sales for an investment management company. During that time I began to own rental properties in a college town where the tenants didn’t really care about maintaining the apartment they were living in.   Meanwhile I bought my home here in Anthem in 2010 and would visit four or five times a year.  Just about every time I came home something needed to be fixed.  Maybe it was a smoke alarm, or a stuck plumbing valve, furnace filters, an infestation of some sort, as well as the house needing to be cleaned.   That being said there isn’t much that I have not personally fixed, replaced, or repaired in any of my properties.  I hadn’t thought about a Home Watch business until my neighbors here in Arizona started to ask me to watch their homes for them when they were elsewhere.  Taking my handyman skills as well as a keen eye with which to know what to look for I started TLC HomeWatch.

If you are a snowbird, a business traveler, going on a long vacation, or if you have rental property. Let me be the eyes and ears of your home when you’re away.




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